The work has started! Rock Ministries is excited to announce that we have another missionary family moving onto a new block to shine Jesus’ light. They will be planted on one of the busiest drug-dealing and drug-abusing streets in Kensington. They will live in a home recently donated to the Rock.  We are honored and extremely humbled that Joe and Lizzie Wardle will reside in this home as missionaries from the Rock to Kensington!

The construction has begun! Just a few weeks ago, the Rock took ownership of this abandoned house on F Street.  The first order of business was to completely gut the interior.  Men from the Rock rolled up their sleeves and got busy for a long, dusty and dirty day of demolishing all the walls and ceilings.  Our plan now is to completely renovate the home so that our community will be blessed with the Gospel message from this missionary family for many years to come.

Will you please pray with us that God will provide the necessary laborers to step up and support this project with their construction skills!  We are also in need of all the materials to transform this formerly boarded-up, abandoned structure into a home. We estimate the cost to be $50,000 to update it for safety and comfort.  We know that when God starts a project He is always faithful to complete it. 

So many, many of you have supported the Rock is so many ways.  We are deeply grateful for your generosity as God continues to reach Kensington with the Good News of His Son Jesus.

Rock Ministries of Philadelphia, 2755 Kensington Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19134, USA