disability ministries

buddy program for children

Provides educational and behavioral assistance one on one to help a child be successful in the various children’s ministries. Contact Somer Parker at 717-228-8680 or somerp@ccleb.com

at the well

A support network for Mom’s with children with special needs.

Who we are

At The Well is a network of families who journey through parenting together; supporting, encouraging and praying for one another.  We all have children affected by disabilities and take seriously our role in the growth and development of our special children. Many of us have also walked the paths of grief and have seen the face of hope through comforting and stable relationships.

What we do

Emotional, spiritual and physical health is essential to overcoming the daily challenges parents face with their children.  Months and years of exhaustive care can destroy families and leave members isolated and unable to move forward.  We want to counter those demands with a safe and caring environment where mothers, especially are honored and cared for.

How we do it

Monthly meetings.  At The Well meets first week of a month from September through May.  Discussions are topical and designed to facilitate honest conversation about parenting, faith, family, disabilities, relationships, education and other important topics.  Childcare is provided at no cost to the parent.  Please call to give special instructions for childcare.

Family Picnic

Every summer we hold a unique picnic for the families affected by special needs.  There are lots of activities for the children, teens and adults all designed for accessibility and of all abilities.  Each child with a special need and each sibling needing the support will receive an individual buddy for the entire evening.  We love our volunteers!

DOP Day of Pampering. Originally developed by Joni & Friends Ministry, we took this idea and now host an event where mothers can refresh themselves with quiet reflection and prayer in the morning and receive pampering for the afternoon.  Haircuts, manicures, massages and chocolate are some of the favorites.

Blessing of the Hands

Hair Styling

Food Preparation


Mom’s Nights Out. About three or four times a year a mom will open her home up to an evening for just the moms.  This is an informal get together that usually includes great food!

Why just the moms? Moms are often the main caregivers to their children.  As mothers we won’t hesitate to push our own needs aside for the care of others in the family.  Mothers are also the ones who usually establish the emotional climate in the home.  A healthier mom equals a healthier home.

Dads. We offer individual support from other fathers and casual meetings as needed.  Please don’t hesitate to call!

Contact Sheri Miller at 717-269-5209 or smemiller@gmail.com. Download a pdf of AT THE WELL flyer here