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Iron Sharpens Iron Martial Arts

Martial Arts Ministry School in Lebanon, PA at Calvary Chapel Lebanon | 740 Willow St. Lebanon, PA 17046

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - What style of martial arts is this?
A - A blend of both Tae Kwon Do and Tang Soo Do. They are sister martial arts out of South Korea.

Q - Do I need to be physically fit or are there physical requirements?

A - No! If you have limited physical abilities, we will be able to adapt to your needs.

Q - What is the cost for this?
A- The price of T-shirt, uniform pants, and belts. This could be $25-35 depending on current market pricing. Continued cost would be for the cost of your next belt and any boards you break for your test. This could be $10-15 depending on market pricing. *If you wish to donate to this ministry - you are certainly welcome to do so!

Q - What if I can't afford the cost to participate?
A - Do not let this deter you from coming! Just let us know that you cannot cover the cost for yourself/family members. We can work around that.

Q - Is there a rank advancement and how does it work?
A - Yes! Based on your instructors' evaluations of your growth, there will be regular rank advancement tests. Your rank will start at white belt and will continue through multiple levels of black belt pending your desire to continue your martial arts journey.

Q - Hot often do I need to come to class? Are classes mandatory?
A - Classes are NOT mandatory but strongly encouraged if you have desire to rank advance. The more classes you take, the more training you receive. Multiple classes are encouraged to receive the most out of your training.

Q - Martial arts tend to aim toward New Age and Eastern philosophical principles - will you be teaching that? 
A - No! You will simply be taught martial arts techniques and self defence. Along the way, you may pick up Korean words and phrases but that is simply some of the language used for techniques and numbers.

Q - How can martial arts be a ministry to its students/community?
A - Provers 27:17 proclaims: "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another". This simple statement has been a calling for all these years to understand that no one is alone. That in order to make yourself better, there is a mutual benefit making others better through mentorship, followership, and leading.

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